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The Estimate function is an important part of the Finance module and must be used correctly to ensure that all invoices are recorded in the correct reporting period.
An estimate is in IndiCater when an order has been booked off and a credit note estimate will also be created if requested by the user as a result of an item not being received.

An estimate can also be manually added and might be used by clients not using e-procurement.

You will need to manually convert estimates if you are receiving invoices from your suppliers outside of the IndiCater system, ie not through EDI


You have created estimates through the booking off process or have manually entered them in the finance module.

Where to find this

Outlet Finance > Purchasing

Set-by-Step Guide

  1. If you have suppliers sending electronic invoices, you may have invoices that need approval in which case you will see this box when you go to Purchasing. Click Continue to bypass this task and get to the Estimates section.

  2. Once you have the below view, click Estimates.

  1. You will now see estimates with an invoice date in the current week.
  2. Click Show All to see all outstanding estimates regardless of when they were entered. 
  3. They will be shown alphabetically by supplier name but you can click on the Headings to change the sort order

  1. Find the estimate you want to convert, using the search functionality if necessary, and click on it 

  2. The invoice date will default to the delivery date on the purchase order.  If you have the late invoice date option activated you can choose a late invoice date. This will enable you to select a date from any week

  3. Enter the invoice number and the correct Net, Vat and Gross amounts. You won't be able to proceed if the Net and Vat don't equal the Gross.

  4. Click Convert

  5. See a summary of the estimate including any adjustments you have made.

  6. Click Confirm

  7. See the invoice has now been created (see the Invoices tab) and the estimate is no longer there