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We have added the option for users to download their stock sheets into excel, save them and upload them again. This means that the user doesnThere is a client option which enables you to download your stock location, complete your stocktake in the csv file and then upload it.  This means you don't need to be online when adding the data into the excel template.

There is a separate offline option for clients who want to want to fill in their stocktake in an offline mode but directly in the application, not into the csv. 

Please speak to IndiCater or your IndiCater gatekeeper if you are interested in either of these options and don't have them activated.


The client is using detailed stocktaking.

Where to find this

Within an outlet, click Stocktaking StORM > StocktakesClick Add to start a detailed Stocktake

Step-by-step guide

  1.  In the correct week, click Add to add a Detailed Stocktake
  2. Select the correct Department, Stock Location and date within the chosen week
  3. Click Download. This will create a zero value 'placeholder' stocktake which will be updated once your completed template has been uploaded.
  4. Open the excel template. It may be necessary to click Enable Editing.
  5. Note that the only fields that can be edited are the Case, Pack/Sleeve and Individual columns, the same as if you were doing it online.
  6. Once you have added in the quantities, save your document. Please save it as type Excel Workbook
  7. In IndiCater click upload and select your saved document.
  8. Click OK in the pop up box to confirm
  9. Your stocktake will appear as normal in the list of Detailed Stocktakes
  10. To amend it, click on the date and then Update and you will see the stocktake in the normal format on the screen.