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This document guides the user through the dispute process for EDI invoices. This is relevant for invoices being received electronically via integration with a supplier, through EDI Lite or via the invoice import route.

The dispute option is to be used to communicate raise a dispute with the supplier and to request a credit.about an invoice or credit note you have received electronically into IndiCater, ie via integration or EDI Lite. 


The supplier record has been set up with an EDI dispute contact

Where to find this

Outlet > Finance > Purchasing

The Invoice Awaiting Approval box only appears when there is an invoice or credit note waiting to be approved by the user

Step-by-Step guide


  1. In the Outlet, go to Finance, Purchasing and click on Authorise to open the Invoices Awaiting Approval box


  1. . If you don't see this box you don't have any invoices/credits to approve and therefore can't raise a dispute this way.

2. Click on the required invoice from your dashboard:

3. Click on Dispute, the middle of the blue buttons at the bottom of the invoice/credit note

4. This opens up a new box to be completed

  • Add any reference number etc you have, eg if you have been given a reference by the supplier on delivery, have an internal reference you wish to use etc.
  • Select either quantity or pricing (new options can be added on request)
  • Add notes to be sent to your supplier
  • Click Dispute (Cancel will cancel without processing the dispute)

5. An email will now be sent to the supplier detailing your dispute. A copy of the email is also sent to the user who has actioned the dispute in IndiCater (not to the user who raised the requisition if different) The You may be prevented from sending the dispute if the supplier record doesn't contain an email address for the EDI dispute contact. In this instance please contact your IndiCater gatekeeper or the IndiCater helpdesk.

6. Once the dispute has been sent, the invoice will be flagged as disputed in the Invoices Awaiting Approval box by a red exclamation mark

7. Hover over the red exclamation mark to see a summary of the dispute

8. This invoice will stay there until the user approves it. If the supplier agrees to send a credit note, this will appear in the New Invoices section of the invoices approval box and the supplier will be instructed to add the original PO number in the Order Number field. The user can click on the disputed invoice and approve it at any time., which may be once a corresponding invoice or credit notes has been received to balance the dispute amount.