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  1. Click on Use Requisition Baskets on the right hand side
  2. Here you will see all of the different baskets which have been set up for your outlet. Each basket has a name and a code which is in brackets. The code will appear in some reports and on the main Requisitions page to help identify the basket used. In the below example, UK is the code for the basket used to create this requisition:
  3. The Current User column shows if anyone is already using a basket. 'None' means the basket is not currently in use by anyone else
  4. You can use a basket already being used by someone if more than one of you need to work on the same requisition
  5. To start your own basket click Use Basket next to the one you want
  6. Once you have clicked Use Basket you will have the option to Release Basket, which means to leave the basket, or to Release and Clear Items which will remove you from the basket and will also remove your items from the basket. If you have items in your basket and you click Release Basket, the items will remain in the basket for the next person
  7. Now you are in a basket, click on Add Requisition Products on the right hand side.  You can now add items to your basket in the same way you would with a normal requisition. This will add items into your basket and won't impact anyone else using Requisitions. Your items won't be visible in any other baskets
  8. When you have finished, pick your delivery dates and confirm your order as normal
  9. If approvals are used, your order will go through the normal approval levels and be sent to the supplier as normal
  10. Once you have confirmed your order, you will be released from the basket so that it is ready to be used by someone else